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CALL SPOOFING: How to Make Spoof Calls From Mobile Phone(for india)

Dial +9609710488p91 p91 .Technique you can call as any ones number to any number. The irony is that as per our cyber crime experts there is no solution to this.


Here it will display the no: 919911245670
And make call to this no: 919998989898


CALL ON : +9609710488

Then wait for a beep after that dial the number you want to display in your friends number with the prefix 91 and then again wait for next beep, after that dial the number which you wanna call ... everything done, and call will get connected


Have you ever wondered you could make a call to someone from your own mobile handset using someone else’s number? If not then Call spoofing is an answer to your question. Call spoofing is the ability to spoof caller ID and SMS messages. One can change what someone sees on their call display when they receive a phone call to anything they want. This is characteristically referred to as "Caller ID Spoofing" or "Call Display Spoofing".

One can show any phone number they wish on call display, basically faking your caller ID. You can change your voice to male/female, record the conversation, spoof SMS text messages. One can indulge in such faking and yet roam about like a free bird as this facility PROTECTS ONES PRIVACY by not showing the real number on caller ID.Caller ID Spoofing is the practice of causing the network to show a number on the recipient's caller ID display which is not that of the actual originating station. It is a method adopted by people with malicious intent to harass people. It is similar to e-mail spoofing which makes it feasible for the sender to choose any e-mail id to send fake e-mails; caller ID spoofing can make a call appear to have come from any phone number the caller wishes. Because of the high trust people tend to have in the caller ID system, spoofing can call the system's value into question.

“I recently got missed calls for almost 3 consecutive days on my mobile phone from a vague number (a call made from the internet) at 3 am in the morning. I called up the Vodafone Customer care service to find out who the caller was. But they said they do not keep a track of missed call records”, said Mr. Vijay Mukhi, Member, High Court/State Government Committee on Pornography and Cyber Laws. “There is no point lodging a complaint as there will be no solution to this problem.” Mukhi added.

The first mainstream Caller ID spoofing service was Star38.com. It was launched in September 2004. Star38.com was the first service to allow spoofed calls to be placed from a web interface. It stopped offering service in 2005, as a handful of similar sites were launched. There are various websites available which provide free spoofing facilities like www.crazycall.net , http://www.spooftel.com/ etc.

Frequently, caller ID spoofing is used for prank calls. For example, someone might call a friend and arrange for "The White House" to appear on the recipient's caller display. In December 2007, a hacker used a caller id spoofing service and was arrested for sending a SWAT team to a house of an unsuspecting victim.

When AV asked why it doesn’t make sense lodging a complaint with police, he said, “The mobile service providers so not maintain a track of the calls. We pay them charges for Caller ID but they do not provide us caller details in return. Even if the Police questions the Companies about the call log sheets, they would decline saying they do not maintain one” said Mukhi. “However the missed call log on my mobile phone will be a prima-facie evidence for the police to arrest the call” he added. When asked what measures can be taken to curb such malicious deeds, Mukhi said, “The web provides calling services free of charge or at nominal rates. Mobile phone and landline prove expensive media for making International calls. People rely on the internet to make calls. Which is call spoofing websites are thriving.”

On asked how the police could tackle such a menace, Mukhi said, “Unless and until the mobile phone service providers start maintaining call log sheets, this problem is bound to exist. It is a helpless situation as with little or no evidence no action can be taken. The culprit indulging in call spoofing can get away with it.”

“The mobile service providers do not want to spend money to maintain call log details” Mukhi added.

The accusation on Paris Hilton in August, 2006 for using caller ID spoofing to break into a voicemail system that used caller ID for authentication is a classic example in this case.
AV (http://www.aftervoice.com/) contacted some of the Law keepers in the city to find out about call spoofing.

DCP (Zone 10) Prakash Muthyal said, “I have not come across such cases as yet. The Cyber Crime Cell might be able to give some inputs.”

DCP (Zone 4) SD Baviskar said, “ I have not heard of anything called call spoofing till date.”

DCP( Zone 11) Sharda Nigam said, “ Cases for call spoofing have never been registered with us. However I shall find out from our technical team about this.”

Ex- Commissioner of Police Hasan Gafoor said, “The Telecom Department will be able to give you a better picture of call spoofing. I would not be able to comment anything bout it.”



* To spoof your phone will call an international number , international rates will apply
* The spoof works only in india
* Number to call should start with the 91 prefix
* Dialing the spoof no: takes around 20 seconds
* Even if you try to make miss call you will loose money , since you are dialing an international no will charge isd rates.


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